Snooze is a monster and now it’s dead

I’ve had a lifelong struggle with getting out of bed. I was on swim team as a youth. I was a pain to get out of bed. It could even take cold water to get me out of bed and into that cold water.

The struggle continued into adulthood. I’ve rallied myself at times but failed to slay the monster. BEHOLD. The snooze monster.

Why is snooze the primary action? Snooze is harmful. Snooze should be difficult. I’ve tried so many tactics, tips, and apps to kill this monster. Nothing lasted.

Hearing one sentence changed everything.

Professional [creators] are as disciplined as professional athletes.

Drop the mic. Hold the phone. [Insert your cliché.]

Donald Miller was giving a free webinar to be a better writer. What he actually said was ‘Professional writers are…’ but the point was swift & strong.

I have been up at 5 a.m. every day since.