What happens when you learn in public

(Your apartment may turn into a film set.)

Here’s the Old Way

Spend months making something. Spend years perfecting something. Polish it. Refine it. Keep it hidden. Get it just right, maybe even ‘perfect.’ It’s invisible until the big launch. You don’t risk being exposed as an idiot or poser. You’re hidden for 12 months. For 4 years.

Here’s the New Way

Learn in the open. Share what you’re making. It’s uncomfortable! It’s risky! If you care about what you’re doing you’re going to feel naked. Once you get used to the breeze so-to-speak, you’ll notice a few things.

You’re going to start getting feedback. How are people responding? Is this actually something anyone cares about? Do people get it? The more you talk about what you’re doing, the better you’ll be at communicating. You will refine your message. You’ll get clarity on what to do next.

You will become attractive if your idea resonates with who you’re talking to. You are going to draw people to you. People want to rally behind your vision. We cannot help it—good stories are gravitational.

Here’s what happened to me

I noticed an idea during a normal conversation with friends. It glistened like a diamond in the sun. My friend wanted to learn to cook. My wife went to culinary school, has 15 years industry experience, and has taught cooking lessons before. What if she taught Barret to cook—online? We all laughed.

I bought a domain—becomingfoodies.com. I grabbed some social media handles. I got our first shoot on the calendar with Barret, Dina, and myself. We didn’t know what we were doing. We started talking about it on Instagram and people resonated right away. ‘Yes! I want this!’ has been resounding.

A couple professional film-makers who have worked with Barret asked what he’s up to. He mentioned Becoming Foodies and shared the first rough cuts. It resonated with them. They wanted to know how they can get involved. Yes, we could use a director and cinematographer. The gravity is getting stronger.

Before I knew it my apartment turned into a professional film set. This got bigger fast.

You can impress (nearly) everyone with your cooking. Becoming Foodies is the only cooking show that is entertaining and educational. It’s the only place you’ll learn cooking foundations and laugh the whole way.

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